Our Vision

Pupils should leave Ightham Primary School with their understanding deepened, their minds enriched, and their hearts inspired, so that they love learning and embrace the challenges of the future.

Our Values

Our Aims

As a highly inclusive school:

  • We aim to foster attitudes that will instil self-confidence, a sense of personal worth and wellbeing, and help them to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to life and work in a changing world.
  • We aim to provide an environment where children can be safe, happy and healthy so that they are able to enjoy their education and build positive, lasting relationships.
  • We aim to assist children in developing intellectual, personal, spiritual, social and moral values while also sharing respect for all religions and all other ways of life.
  • We aim to give children the opportunity to be creative, make decisions and choices and to take responsibility for their learning, their environment and the resources made available to them.
  • We aim to identify each child’s particular gifts and talents and to enhance them in the school and community.
  • We aim to encourage a close working partnership with families and the wider community.

Our Mission Statement

Ightham Primary School provides a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that enables every child to thrive with an expectation of high academic standards. We are committed to providing a balanced, accessible and inspirational curriculum which fosters a lifelong love of learning.

Visions and aims