Introduction to the PSA

Our Parent School Association (PSA) is a registered charity whose main aim is to raise money in support of the school and forge closer links between home, school and the local community.  Alongside all other parents and staff, you are an automatic member of the Association.

Your PSA is run by a committee which holds regular planning meetings to generate ideas, organise events and vote on how funds are spent.

A variety of events take place throughout the academic year which should appeal to all the different age groups and interests that make up our school community such as: Break the Rules Day, Easter Egg Hunts, School Discos and Quiz Nights to name but a few.

The funds raised can be directed where the staff, parents and carers feel the money is needed most such as; refurbishing play areas, buying new IT equipment, Maths and Science week etc.

How you get involved is up to you but please do get involved!  Whether you’re joining the committee, helping at an event or buying a raffle ticket – everyone’s contribution is welcome and needed. The PSA is a major contributor to school funds.

There are other ways you can help:

Online Shopping  - Easyfundraising

Go to and create an account. Choose to support a good cause and search for Ightham PSA.  Then use the links to do your shopping. Download the tool bar and you will be alerted to sites that donate as you shop. It costs you nothing and really couldn’t be easier!

Clothes Labels

We are registered with a company who prints labels for clothing, equipment, lunchboxes etc. We can receive money from these companies if you buy through them and make the appropriate reference to Ightham School:

My Name Tags – Go to and enter our school ID 31516 on the checkout page.

200 Club

Join our 200 Club – fill in the attached form and follow the instructions for return.

Governors' 200 Club Form

Participation, donations and other requests for help will come to you via email, your class rep and/or bookbags so please keep up to date with all our info to find out what events are coming up, how you can help and how we've helped the school.

The PSA also has its own Facebook page. It is a closed group but all parents of Ightham Primary School are welcome to join.

Thank you for your support.


The current committee members are as follows:

Parent representatives:

Joanna Crisp (Chair)

Rebecca Hodges (Secretary)

Natalie Adams (Treasurer)
Dan Salt

Lisa Pearson

Bradley Scott Watson

Joye Martyn

Liz Blightman

Lynnette Bovenzi

Rachel Black

Gary Smith

Demelza Carroll

Staff representatives:

Mrs Freeman (Chair of Govs)

Miss Avery (Staff)

Mr Sherhod (Head Teacher)


PSA Impact

The PSA is a registered charity (number 280076) and its objectives are to advance the education of pupils of Ightham Primary School in particular by:

  • Developing effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school.
  • Engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the school and advance he education of the pupils.

Last year, the PSA raised just under £20,000 and was spent on the following;

⭐️Start of term Classroom donation £1,050 (£150 per class for various classroom equipment/supplies)

⭐️Ducklings £290

⭐️Storey Teller £614.89

⭐️Maths Week £100

⭐️New Computers for KS1 £1,549.92

⭐️New Books £500

⭐️New Maths equipment £674

⭐️New Kettle £24

⭐️Air Conditioning Unit £2,677

⭐️Christmas classroom donation £4,200 (£600 per class for various classroom equipment/supplies)


Other than this clearly significant financial impact the PSA has in the school, there are numerous other benefits to be noted.  The strength and support of the PSA is a reflection of the school community spirit as a whole.

Events and projects serve to enhance and reinforce this spirit and help to engage new school members and the wider community.

Joanna Crisp  – February 2024