The following is information about our school’s governors and the work that they do to support our school.

A governor's main role is to support the Head Teacher and the staff as well as holding the Head Teacher to account.  We help them to set and reach targets and to strive for excellence across the whole spectrum of school life.  The two key documents used for this are the School Development Plan (SDP) and the Self Evaluation Form (SEF).  The SDP sets out a strategic plan for the school, with targets that everyone works towards and the SEF sets out how well the school is doing and where we aim to make improvements.

Annual Governance Statement

We produce an Annual Governance Statement in order to communicate an overview of the work of the Governing Body over the academic year. Click on the link below to read the most recent Annual Governance Statements.

Our Legal duties include:

  • Setting strategic direction, policies and objectives
  • Approving the school budget
  • Reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives
  • Appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher

We are subdivided into three committees:

  • Finance, Staffing and Marketing
  • Premises
  • Performance and Strategy

Further information

The Full Governing Body meets at least once every term. This meeting is usually preceded by committee meetings.  All Governors are informed about what happens at these termly committee meetings.

There are several categories of governor, appointed by different groups that have an interest in the school.  There are Co-opted Governors, Parent Governors and Staff Governors.  The Head Teacher is automatically a member of the Governing Body by virtue of office. All governors have equal status, however they are appointed.

We are committed to providing an excellent environment for all pupils to enjoy during their time at our school.

Our Governing Body meetings are usually held in the evening.  We attend training sessions and seminars to help us keep up to date with changes in schools and education and to help us do our job effectively.  We also go into school to meet with the Head Teacher, other members of staff and pupils to help us find out how the school is progressing towards its targets.

One of our governors currently holds governance roles in other educational institutions.

If you wish to know more, or are interested in becoming a governor in the future, please contact us care of the School Office or email us at