Pupils thrive because of the consistently high quality of education they receive throughout their time at school. They work hard in lessons and achieve exceptionally well across the curriculum.

Ofsted 2020

This school is at the heart of the local community and has community at its heart. The values of caring, respect, tolerance, responsibility, aspiration and honesty are evident at every turn. Pupils know what these values mean. They show this in the way they learn, behave and treat others. Pupils’ behaviour is impeccable. They feel safe and extremely well cared for.

Ofsted 2020

New Entrants - September 2025

The dates for visits to our school for parents of children entering Reception in September 2025 are as follows:

Wednesday 9th October, 2pm

Monday 11th November, 2pm

Friday 15th November, 9.30am

Wednesday 20th November, 2pm

Thursday 28th November, 9.30am

If you wish to visit, you must sign up using the e-form below:

New Entrants’ 2025 Booking Form

Information on Primary School Applications

Ightham Primary School admits pupils full time in the September for pupils whose birthdays fall between September and December. Those whose birthdays fall between January and August are admitted full time in September if their parents wish or parental requests to defer entry until the start of the Spring term will be granted. However, parental requests to defer entry until the following year will not be guaranteed a place at the school. We do not hold open places where the school is oversubscribed.

Where the number of applications exceeds our pupil admission number (30) places will be allocated in the following priority order, following the LA Admissions Policy:

  • Children in the care of Kent County Council
  • Where the child has a sibling attending Ightham Primary School at the time of entry (where the family continues to live at the same address as when the sibling was admitted or has moved to a new property within two miles (via the shortest available walking route) of the school).
  • Where there are medical grounds (supported by a doctor) for admitting the child and where the school has adequate facilities to support access of need.
  • Proximity of the child’s home is measured in a straight line (as the crow flies) to the School.
  • When we wish to admit more pupils than the standard number we will seek the agreement of the LA Admissions Authority.

The Governing Body has established the following arrangements for appeals against non admission:

  • A written application to the Area Education Officer of the LA if unsuccessful.
  • A final stage of appeal to an Independent Statutory Appeal Committee.

Click the link below for further information on primary school places:

Casual In-Year Admissions Form

Use the form above for all applications for admission to the school other than new entrants to our reception class for the next academic year in September. The form should be given to our office staff in the first instance. Where the year group is full, you will be given the option of placing your child on the waiting list for a place. Our oversubscription criteria is as above.

This does NOT apply to new entrants into our Reception (EYFS) class as this is carried out through a different system which is run by KCC and not the school.

Pupil Spaces

Ightham Primary School is able to take a maximum of 210 pupils. Within each year group, we  accept a maximum of thirty children. If you are interested in a place for your child(ren), please don't hesitate to contact the school office and ask for a tour of the school with the Head Teacher. Should you wish to apply for a place at Ightham Primary School, you would need to submit a Casual In-Year Admission Form directly to the school.

If there is not currently a place available, but you would like your child to attend Ightham Primary School, you should submit your In-Year Casual Admission Form to the School Office and your child will be placed on the waiting list.

The Local Authority (KCC) decides on admissions to Reception so parents should direct further questions about our admissions arrangements to the KCC Admissions team:

03000 41 21 21

Email Kent Admissions