Science Curriculum

At Ightham Primary School, we follow the Kent Scheme of Work written by Andrew Berry. An overview of our Science Curriculum can be downloaded below:

Science Newsletters

KS1 Science Club


We have an Eco-Council. Two children from every class in Years 1-6 are elected by their peers to be on the Eco-Council at the start of every academic year.

In November 2020, the School was assessed for the Green Flag Award at Gold level. We were delighted to be notified that we had, once again, achieved the award.

Science Week

Science Week was held between Monday 11th to Friday 15th March 2019. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to run Science Week in school in 2020. Otherwise, we take part in Science Week every year, and are already planning for Science Week in March 2021!

All classes completed Floor Books during the week. Some of the children's quotes were as follows:

"My favourite experiment was making the bubbles because I really liked measuring all of the ingredients and mixing them up."

"My favourite part of Science Week was testing all of the different materials to see which one we could use for an astronaut's nappy."

"My favourite part of Science Week was making the plastic cheese as it felt really squishy. We used vinegar, hot milk and red food colouring. We mixed them together and got all of the liquid out of the lumps and made them into balls."

Key Stage 2 children attended Science Workshops at Sevenoaks School at the beginning of March 2020. This outreach work proved to be incredibly beneficial for our children.