Music Curriculum

Additional Music Lessons

Please speak to the School Office if you would like to find out more about the 1:1 piano, violin, ukelele and guitar lessons that are offered in school.

Music and Drama at Ightham

Drama and Music play an important part in nurturing and developing confidence, love of performing, teamwork and achievement.

All pupils benefit from regular singing practice at least once a week, exploring a variety of styles, from sacred music, through gospel, pop and musical theatre.  Their voices are regularly heard at Harvest, Christmas and Easter services both in church, school and at special school drama productions for both KS1 and 2.

The Choir give many public performances to the local community with fundraising concerts supporting local charities and across Kent, including Demelza House Hospice for Children, where the choir performed to the children, their families and staff.  They have become a regular fixture for concerts at Ightham Mote and all choir members take part at the biggest children’s choir event in the world at London's 02 arena for "Young Voices".  The choir give concerts at school and take part in the school's annual Spring Concert.

The Drama Club showcase 3 - 4 performances a year to staff and families at the school.  The showcases offer pupils the opportunity to work within groups and as individuals on devised and scripted works.  These performances highlight teamwork, a growing respect for the variety of texts and the opportunities to self-direct and work under the direction of a Drama Specialist.  Year 6 perform and annual end of year play and have performed both published and original works in a variety of locations including Ightham Mote and en-plein air!  KS1 perform an annual Christmas production for families and the local community which showcase budding performers and blossoming confidence!

“Theatre is a communal event” (Marsha Norman). All pupils across both Key Stage 1 and 2 have the opportunity to get involved in production across the school.  Our philosophy is that everyone has a positive contribution to make and everyone can be involved in some way, shape or form! In the Key Stage 2 drama club we work with texts as diverse as Rossetti, Dickens, Shakespeare, Lee to Ahlberg, Zepahniah and other contemporary authors. WHY? To give our pupils the opportunity to challenge themselves in understand and re-creating stories and speech from a variety of sources. To engage them, building their confidence and self-awareness and by doing so, bring texts to life, lift off the page and out into their imaginations.

I found this once, was inspired by it and try to apply this in my work with students …..

“We can give our children two things.  One is root, the other, wings”.  (Anon)    By embracing music and drama with performances both in house and in the wider community, and also welcoming other artists into the school for performances and workshops,  our pupils will have access to a diverse and rich array of texts, stories, plays, poetry, songs, composers.  This will give them the opportunity to develop their own knowledge, understanding, ability and hopefully lifelong love of these inspiring subjects!  We will give them the “roots”, so they can stretch their own “wings”.

Miss Glassock